Empowering Hacken Ecosystem with Native HAI Token

Hacken’s native HAI token powers the entire Hacken Ecosystem. HAI unlocks the innovative Hacken Club membership, acquires Hacken Ecosystem cybersecurity services at discounted rates, and is the key gateway to Hacken innovative projects.

Hacken Club Membership

Key value driver of the Hacken Ecosystem. Explore the infinite opportunities of Hacken Club Membership

Level HAI Tokens RequiredHAI Tokens
B2B referral
Hacken Club
referral bonus
Member 1,000-9,9991,000-9,999None1.05XFree5%3%
Associate 10,000-99,99910,000-99,999Up to 7%1.2XFree7.5%4%
Partner 100,000+100,000+Up to 9%2XFree10%5%

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B2B Products Utility

As of 2020, even customers in the crypto world were not ready to pay for services and products in native tokens due to the complexity related to executing trades on cryptocurrency exchanges.

However, Hacken clients are now ready to process B2B payments in HAI in exchange for discounts on the Hacken Ecosystem’s industry leading cybersecurity services. Currently, Hacken offers the following benefits for making payments in HAI:

  • Up to 20% discount on cybersecurity services

  • Elimination of all HackenProof service fees

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Hacken Foundation

We have decided to launch the Hacken Foundation, a dedicated platform where Hacken-approved cybersecurity professionals can offer their B2B and B2C services. The vision is to become Amazon in the cybersecurity domain.

HAI tokens - the native tokens of the Hacken ecosystem - will be used exclusively on the Hacken Foundation platform to pay for all Hacken ecosystem products and services. All Hacken Club members will also enjoy cybersecurity services at discounted rates and will get free access to product promotions and trials.

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B2C Utility

Everyone has the right to be protected on the Internet.

Everyone has the right to be protected on the Internet. HackenAI’s goal is to disrupt the individual cybersecurity application market with an innovative membership model. Currently, it can cost up to 480 USD per annum to be cyber secured using such services as password manager, VPN, Anti-Virus, Anti-Phishing and Dark Web Monitoring. By staking just 100 USD worth of HAI tokens, Hacken Club members will get a comprehensive cyber security protection.

Sustainable Growth Protection

50% of the Hacken Group fiat net profits from cybersecurity consulting are held in the Sustainable Growth Reserve (SGR). Just like Governments' Foreign Exchange Reserves, SGR will be used by Hacken Core team to support HAI with automatic buy orders during bearish price fluctuations.The levels of price protection are set once a year. HAI bought using SGP are immediately burned.


Hacken Partners will be involved in the following decision-making process:

  • HAI supply lock-ups

  • Annual yields for Hacken Associates and Partners

  • Development budgets set up

  • Community fund distribution

  • Hacken Foundation members validation

Also, a decentralized automated market maker platform will be developed to facilitate the HAI purchase process using the most popular cryptocurrencies.

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